I'm Kevin Lee, an Actor/Entertainer/Producer living in New York City, also holding a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. I've always had a passion for expressing myself freely. What I discovered through acting and comedy, is a world where I can explore who I really am through analyzing different characters. It's safe to say that I'm still figuring myself out, but acting is a huge part of that story. Born in Brooklyn, I moved to Queens, New York at a very young age. My first acting role, aside from getting myself out of trouble in school constantly, was in an Off Broadway play "Roommates," where I starred as a character Leo, a drug dealer who's insecurities caused him to have an inability to trust others. Roles began to follow in short films such as "Remember to Love," with talented producer/director Cristhian Andrews. This controversial film lead me to write, produce and star in the heart felt short film "The Black Bag," which followed Ameer, a child raised in the NYC foster care system suffering though various traumatic experiences.Tapping into producing lead me to experience the feelings behind creating complex characters, truly understanding the differences of all human beings, I quickly fell in love with this art. The art form of acting, helps me reach my full potential and hopefully I can help others follow their passions by telling my story; an average Joe looking for his purpose in the world and finally finding it and working hard to pursue it. I've also performed in the Stage Play, "Second Seat," screenplay by S. Karlan,  the stage play "Shadows of Orpheus," and the feature films "Narcan," directed by Peter McNamara, and Yellow Moon, while continuing to produce, creating the short film "The Interrogation," where two detectives use the classic good cop - bad cop routine to capture an unexpected murderer, and "Love or Love;" a story of a woman that loves her brother so much, she is willing to take desperate measures to assure his heart isn't broken  Also, doing stand up comedy, I created the "Dysgruntled Employees, with my partner DJ U.N.I, throwing comedy shows all over New York and finally spreading our wings; also one of three radio host every Tuesday Night at 10:00pm on Muzik Vibe Radio. I do it for the freedom of expression and feeling of life. It's safe to say that if you enter my world, you'll be entering the world of a complex character still figuring himself out, but for some reason, tends to understand other people very well; while still playing the role of many different characters. Welcome to my world!