Kevin St Pierre
Actor Resume

Height: 6’0
Weight: 184lbs
Hair: Black

Being Single                                                Lead                                                   Dir. Courtney Spiller
Sessions                                                      Lead                                                  Dir. Steven Willis
Remember to Love                                      Supporting                                        Audacity Innovative, NY
                                                                                                                              (Dir. Cristhian Andrews)
Narcan                                                        Supporting                                          Dir. Peter McNamara
Atrocitas                                                      Supporting                                          Dir. Cristhian Andrews
The Black Bag                                            Lead                                                    Dir. Steven Willis
Stills                                                            Supporting                                          Dir. Sheyne Boinet
Yellow Moon                                               Supporting                                          Dir. Juilio Velez
Shade                                                         Supporting                                          Dir. Sheyne Boinet

Web Series
LIPS                                                           Supporting/Writer                                Dir. Lisha Hartgorve

Roommates                                               Leo (Supporting)                                 Producer’s Club NYC Dir. Tysheen Carter
Shadows of Orpheus                                  Roger (Lead)                                      Roy Arias Theater Dir. Cristhian Andrews
Second Seat                                               CSI                                                    Hudson Guild Theatre


Doritos Crash the Superbowl                                                                                 Dir. Tysheen Carter

HB Studios                                         Acting Level 1 Michael Beckett
People’s Improv Theater                   Pete LePage
Acting:                                               Ruya Koman, Cristhian Andrews
Improvisation: The Power of
Thinking Without Thinking

Master Class of Acting                      Shiek Mahmud-Bey

Special Skills
Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (May 2012), Comedy, NY driver’s License, Dancing (Hip Hop), Driving, Running, Sports (Basketball, Baseball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Boxing), Typing, Bowling (C- rating), Roller Blade, Skating, Swimming-general, Dialects (West Indian, African), Oratory Skills (conducted public events and public speaking)